Where's The Love? All Over / Handmade Tee

Where's The Love? All Over / Handmade Tee

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Thank you for your interest. Continuing the #wtl project rests at the center of my mission. Your purchase helps ensure the longevity and evolution of the overall project.

Every single milk carton is printed separately in a series of 3 steps. Every garment is unique and numbered up from 1. (Currently in the 1st series ) Shirts are printed on 100% cotton.

Complete with a certificate of authenticity and sticker.

Free shipping within the continental United States. 

Washability of this garment is limited. Gentle hand laundering with a little detergent is strongly recommended.

Be mindful I’m printing these pieces alone. Each one takes hours to complete. Due to the labor intensive means of production, a 30 day wait for shipping is required upon single order. $100.00USD